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Elder Law Attorney for Elkhart, Goshen, Mishawaka, South Bend, LaGrange County and Surrounding Areas

Elder law is a holistic approach to planning for the future that uses protective economic strategies to ensure future financial stability. With a thorough evaluation of your situation, Elkhart elder law lawyer Paul D. Eash can determine how to make these tools work for you and your family.

Planning for the possibility of a sudden illness or care requirement is important and difficult. This can be a very stressful time for a family. Paul Eash and his assistants provide the compassion, empathy and strength necessary to guide clients through this trying process. It is our job to relieve our clients of as much stress as possible while providing them with the guidance and tools necessary to come to a successful resolution.

Medicaid Planning

One vital aspect of planning involves preparing for Medicaid. Many families cannot afford to cover nursing home costs without help. The law office of Paul D. Eash has over eleven (11) years of experience educating clients on how best to plan for this eventuality and protect their future financial stability.

There are means available to individuals to allow them to protect assets and still qualify for Medicaid. One of the methods is referred to as "spending down." This is accomplished through gifting and converting assets into those that are exempt from consideration. However, if not done precisely within the rules, efforts may be nullified by Medicaid regulations. In these instances, it is wise to have an experienced elder law attorney guiding you, your spouse or your parents through this process.

The process of applying for Medicaid includes filing a formal application that results in a review and investigation of the applicant's financial eligibility. Incomplete or inaccurate preparation and filing can mean a coverage denial. Proper planning and an exhaustive knowledge of current regulations can avoid this scenario. Paul will work with you to develop and implement a sound strategy focused on preserving assets. If the nursing home resident has a spouse, the strategy will protect the marital assets. If the nursing home resident has no spouse, such strategy can preserve assets for the family, which can then be made available to the nursing home resident.

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Planning

Whether you or a family member are currently in a nursing home or planning for the possibility, a prepared family is a protected family. Our firm focuses specifically on the legal needs of older individuals and their families. We strive to ensure that our clients maintain as much independence and control over their assets as possible. Schedule a consultation with our office to discuss the steps necessary and the methods of protection available to you. Medicaid planning is an integral part of nursing home planning.

Veterans who served during wartime and spouses of deceased wartime veterans can obtain a Veterans Administration ("VA") Aid and Attendance Pension with careful asset planning. Such pension can be helpful, when combined with Medicaid planning, in nursing home planning.

Further, planning for a VA Aid and Attendance Pension can be beneficial in certain circumstances when assisted living is an appropriate or desired possibility. Veterans during wartime and their widowed spouses may be entitled to amounts from a VA Aid and Attendance Pension when the Veteran or the Veteran's widowed spouse lives or is planning to live in assisted living.

Contact the Firm

If you have questions regarding Medicaid, nursing home, and assisted living planning, contact the law office of Paul D. Eash to schedule an appointment. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are available for home, hospital or nursing home visits when absolutely necessary. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover for payment of most services.